How Does a Duvet Cover Work

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How Does a Duvet Cover Work?

A duvet is a feather filled bag that is used in place of blankets. Sometimes they are filled with poly-fills or wool. A duvet cover therefore can be compared to a pillowcase for it. Simply put, it is a bag that snaps, zips or buttons, allowing your insert to stay inside. It protects it from dust and saves you the cost of having it dry cleaned. Since washing a duvet is not an option, the cover ensures the insert stays clean for long. The best duvet covers come in all sizes, texture and colors, making them a great way to add beauty to your bedroom. Since most comforters are white, you may need to have a one that has flowers or great looking patterns to add life to your bedroom. When your bed is looking all dirty, all you need is to yank it and wash it for a clean looking bed.

Duvet Cover Comparison

Why do we need to get the best duvet covers?

How Does a Duvet Cover WorkNot only will they last long, but they will also make your bedroom look great and inviting. It is a fun experience choosing the most suitable for your comforter/duvet. To this end, you should take time and get the best you can afford. You will find it easy to clean it if you choose the best cover material/fabric. It is recommended that you do not buy a cheap product just because it is cheap as it wears out quickly. Besides, you do not need to buy them frequently or have your duvet dry cleaned often due to loose threads on your cover that lets in dust.

Tips on choosing

The best duvet covers should present users with style, comfort and also durability. That said, below are tips on choosing the best in the market.

Buy the Right Size

Your buy should match the size of your duvet. Since the duvet needs to fit in it, the cover needs to be 1” or 2” larger. This leaves space for fastening. While shopping, have the following sizes in mind: A twin that measures 63 × 85 inches, a full/queen, which measures 85 × 91 inches, a king measuring 104 × 92 inches and a California king measuring 102 × 99 inches. However, if you have a thick mattress, you will need a larger one than the ones mentioned above.

Note that an easy fitting cover makes it easy to insert the duvet and makes the bed look relaxed. A small cover on the other hand makes the bed look lumpy and may introduce creases on it. Since manufacturers may miss on the standard measurements, it is recommended that you take the actual measurements of your duvet before heading out to purchase one.

Buy One with a High Thread count

how do ikea duvet covers workThread count is one of the factors that you consider while buying bed sheets; it applies to covers too. You do not want to purchase one that is so rough it feels like a gunny sack. The higher the thread count, the softer it feels and the more you enjoy using it. To this end, buying a duvet cover with a thread count of 400 is better that buying one with a 200 thread count. There are lots of materials to choose from, making it fun and easy to choose the one with a high thread count.

Carefully Select the Material/Fabric

There is a plethora of materials to choose from while selecting the best duvet covers. Most are made of cotton. Common fabrics include silk, polyester and faux-suede among others. The main function of a cover is to protect your duvet from dirt and thus having a washable fabric comes handy. Cotton can be machine washed and so are synthetic fabrics like polyester. If the fabric cannot be machine washed and machine dried, you should reconsider buying it. Note that you will need to clean it often and thus weak fabrics like rayon are not suitable for the cover. It is advisable to buy a fabric that has a long functional life.

Consider Color and Design

How does a duvet cover work with color and design? The best duvet cover will add to the aesthetics of your bedroom. To this end, you need to a buy one that matches the color scheme of your room. Different colors are available for buyers to choose from. You need a bright color if your bedroom is small and a dull color for a large bedroom. The color should blend well with the paint on the wall and the color of your carpet or floor. They also come in different patterns and sometimes flowers. Again, the patterns and the flowers have to match the room decor. You may want to consult your interior designer before buying a specific color/design.

The cover should be fast colored to ensure that it does not fade and lose its finesse after the first wash. Buyers can also buy custom online or in physical stores. Buying custom gives you the surety of having a matching design and color.

Consider Closures/Fastenings

Duvet covers come in different fastenings, including buttons, zippers, hooks and snaps among others. Buyers should ensure they choose the one they are comfortable with and the one they find easy to use. However, before you pay for it, ensure that the fastenings are in good condition. While shopping online, ensure that you specify the type of fastenings and their condition.

Consider the Purpose

Having a purpose in mind comes handy when you are buying it. People living in warm areas need a thin and breathable cover. However, the cover should always protect the inside from stains and dirt. Allergic individuals need to buy hypoallergenic covers. Having knowledge on how to care for it comes handy, especially when buying covers for children.

Other Factors to Consider

As a buyer, ensure that you buy the best quality affordable. Since they come in different prices according to quality, you should not go for a cheap one just because of its design; consider all factors that make up a good product. Always buy from trusted dealers. While shopping online, consider factors like shipping and cost.

How do you use and care for it?

how do duvet cover workNow that you have bought the best duvet cover, you need to know how to use and care for it. In most cases, it will be accompanied by a ‘how to use’ guide. Refer to the care labels attached on the covers and know how to clean them depending on its fabric.

While washing, ensure it is inside out. This will preserve the embroidery or other fancy work on the duvet. It may also help preserve color. To maintain the shape of your duvet inside the cover, always adjust and fluff the duvet. The cover has no way of preventing the duvet from sliding down and forming lumps. To avoid this, reach out for the duvet each time you are making your bed and align the corners. While still holding the corners, fluff it and get it back to its original shape.

There are different ways of putting on a duvet cover. You should learn the best tricks to ensure it looks neat and inviting after putting the cover. One great method is stuffing it like you would a pillow. This involves tugging each corner into place and then shaking the cover until it distributes evenly. Another method involves laying the cover inside out besides the duvet and slowly sliding the right side out around the duvet. You should try the two methods and see which works best for you.

Latest Designs

There is an interesting trend in the emerging designs. Though most people would prefer their covers being plain and just select a fancy color, there is a wide range of new designs that buyers can’t resist. Some of the common interesting designs include pictures. Depending on who is using it, the pictures may be of animals, naked individuals and many more.

Shopping for your Duvet Cover

Having known all the factors to consider, you need to have a budget and head out to shop. As earlier mentioned, you can buy custom ones from your local shop or online. Note down the specifications you want and hand them to the dealer who will get you the specific cover you need. Specifications include size, color, design (patterns or pictures), fabric, fastenings and thread count among others.

When shopping, compare prices in different stores and only shop from the store with the best deal. The store should offer support to its customers in terms of choosing, getting the right size and tips on how to care for the duvet cover. While shopping online, ensure that the store offer shipping. Ensure that the online store is legitimate; better still shop from a renowned store.

Types you can buy


These are covers with a single color (plain). The most common color is white, but there is a plethora of other colors to choose from.


You can get any pattern you need for a duvet cover in the market today, may it be floral, stripes or boxes. The patterns have to match the room decor and have the effect you want to achieve for instance make the room appear smaller.


They are soft and warm. These are thick and mostly used in cold places. You can buy flannel covers for the winter and then keep them during summer.


They are high quality covers made from high thread count Egyptian cotton and Supim which are some of the finest and highly sought after fabrics. They are durable and more comfortable. Caring for these fabrics is easier compared to synthetic fabrics.

Wrinkle Free

They look smooth and polished and do not require ironing. Usually, this type of duvet cover is made from a fabric that does not crease easily making it harder to acquire wrinkles.

Jersey Knit

They are made from the material that makes jerseys and hence the name. They are naturally wrinkle free. They are durable as well as comfortable.

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Eco Friendly

The covers are made from high quality cotton that is organic. These meet Global Organic Textile Standards. They are available in almost all stores.

Duvet covers can also be classified based on their styles. To this end, we have the bag style covers, envelope style covers, popper style covers and tack style covers. The bag style is the most common and has an open end which normally tucks under the mattress. It is easy to use. The envelope style as the name suggests, is some kind of an envelope for your duvet. It is shorter than a bag style cover and has an internal flap. Popper covers have fastenings; either poppers or buttons. The tack style covers come with loose threads to enable you hold the corners of the duvet in place. They have fastenings too.

Wrapping up

Buying a duvet cover is a good investment as it prevents the wear and tear on your expensive duvet or comforter. This lengthens the functional life of your duvet and saves you money. Though it is a fun experience shopping for the best duvet covers, a number of buyers will just consider one or two factors that make up a good product and sidetrack all other factors. They thus end up with something they don’t like or cannot use. Note that a poor product will not effectively protect your duvet and may not feel comfortable. Do your homework and do not rush to buy just anything on the merit of its colors.

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