Bedding Ideas: All You Need To Know

Bedding Idea

Modern life has built up a pace that leaves you reeling at the end of everyday .You have to go through the grind of work, kids, marriage and of course, that advanced school program you recently signed up for. At the end of the day, you have taken a beat down that you need a sanctuary to rest and unwind in peace and comfort.

Nothing defines a sanctuary better than a perfectly set bed to rest your tired body. Taking time to make the environment perfect for rest is a rewarding activity. However, you need to have in mind what you want for the bed, or you will end up confusing colors and cluttering the room. Here are some insightful bedding ideas to consider.

Pillow and Shams

Choose a color scheme and decor

Making these choices wholly depends on what you want and the ideas you have in mind. However, there are colors that belong to the bedroom while others simply do not. Interior designers point out that people who use bright beddings sleep longer, better and wake up in high spirits. These colors are also known to keep you in bed longer before sleep comes. Dark colours on your beddings and pillows cause you to sleep easy but end up making the room too dull looking and lacking in personality and intimacy. To keep everything balanced, choose neutral colors.

Choice of quilts, comforters or duvet covers

The bedding alternatives you choose should scream your personality aloud .They should also clearly show your taste and style. Quilts come in a wide range of styles, but choosing one that is warm, fluffy and comfortable will give you an amazing feel in bed. Most quilts come with a personal touch since they are home made. There are many fabric options for duvets and they come in different designs, including zippers, buttons or even Velcro. Choose a design that is easy to clean, as you will need to do this a lot, especially with bright colors. Comforters are either made of synthetic or natural material. When choosing a comforter, go for one with a high tog rating. (togs measure warmth, weight and softness).

Comforter & Duvet Cover

Pillows and shams

When it comes to bedding ideas, you should pile on the pillows. Buy as many as you want, keeping them fluffy and cozy. Always keep your patterns close and avoid going all out for contrasting colors. Look for comfort and weight in your pillows. A good idea would be to experiment with several options, then choose the one that you feel fits in with the picture you have in mind .Memory foams and goose feathers are some of the classier types. Shams come in to act as covers for your pillows .They also complement the whole pattern. The best shams should come included in the set of pillows you buy.


Sheets will come in sets of same colors and sizes. Choose the sizes that fill your bed and flow over slightly. The sizes available to you include California king size, full, twin, king and queen. The materials include flannel, cotton and satin. Note that some of these materials retain too much heat so they will only work well in places that are not too hot. Some are also cozier than others and are every material has its own range of varieties for example; cotton has options like organic, Egyptian, synthetic Pima and supima.

Bed Skirts

Bed skirts

You can use these skirts to conceal the box spring of your mattress. Find out the exact size of the box spring before venturing out to shop for this item. They are also known as dust duffle and are more decorative than functional, adding a swanky feel to your sleeping environment.

There are myriad bedding ideas for all types of beds. While different people have different tastes and personalities, it is important to consider bright colors in the bedroom. The thing about the bedroom is that it is your place of solitude and peace hence it requires a very intricate planning and layout strategy. Keep in mind that patterns and consistency are important every time you go out shopping for beddings. Do not get too wild about colors; always keep them bright or neutral. Use the same or slightly varying shades for different items of clothing from pillows to duvets to sheets. Make the place yours design wise.

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